Thoughts on UFC 97 fights and my personal training

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Okay so first off let’s talk about some of the fights on last night’s UFC 97 fight card. There was only two fights on the main card that I was intrested in. First fight I was looking forward to seeing was Chuck Liddell vs. Maurcio Rua.  It was a good fight overall with each fighter excahnges punches and kicks and a few takedowns. It would have been hard to judge the 1st round for who won. It was pretty close until Chuck Liddell got knocked out with the left hand of Rua.  ua was smart to take a lot of Lidell’s striking power away by targeting the lead leg if Lideell with plenty of leg kicks which Liddell doesn’t like to check. I personally was hoping to see Chuck win the fight via knock out. But at age 39 it is hard to compete against the up and coming new fighters that are better trained and have hunger for a world title shot.

The other fight I was looking forward to watching was Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites. I will have to say that I was very disappointed in this fight. I was looking for another knockout victory by Silva. Unfortunately the fight lasted 5 rounds of boring action. You had Leites not watning to exchange with Silva. Silva wouldn’t attack much in the first three rounds as he perfers to counter attack.  Also having leites laying down on his vback plenty throughout the fight and silva not wanting to much of that action was kinda boring as well. The only thing I personally liked was the power behind those low side kicks Anderson Sikva delivered to Thales Leites upper left leg and knee.  You could tell Anderson Silva was not very happy about his performance in this fight. I am hoping he will want to exchange more in any future fights. It’s hard to counter attack when your opponent won’t attack. But between you and I, would you want to be in the ring with Anderson Silva and try to attack him knowing full well he can knock you out with almost any weapon he chooses.

Okay now for a little on my training for today. Yes i do train a little on sundays. I do not take any days off from my martial arts training. I just adjust the intensity so that I don’t train very hard on the weekends. I train extremely hard during the weekdays and not so much on Saturdays or Sundays. Well today I just did some power wood breaking with my knuckles. That’s right I said my knuckles. I find I can personally deliver more striking power with a fist versus a  hammer fist, elbow, ridgehand, or palm strike.  Anyway I did some practice on 1 inch pine boards and I was able to tie my personal best. I am quite please with that and I know if i adjust my technique a little I will be able to hit even harder and break more boards than before.  I always tape most of my breaks so I can analyze exactly what happened. It is quite amazing that you really don’t know what you actually did until you see yourself on video. You gotta love modern technology. It allows us to train smarter than ever before.

Now I am going to probably spend the rest of the day working on adjusting my training regimen. You need to adjust yourself as needed to allow yourself to continue to grow and not get stuck in one place. I take quite pride in the fact that I have learned from some of the best on how to adjust myself and my training so I will never plateau and continue to improve myself. I will quote a friend of mine. “I am always training because I don’t want to get old.” I truly belive in this because the more active and healthy you are, the better you will feel and be as you do get into retirement age. Retirement doesn’t mean you stop doing everything. retirement is about not working for a living anymore and enjoying an active lifestyle and to stay forever young in your heart and mind.

Well I am off  to do some planning. So take care and talk to you soon,

Master Jonathan Field

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