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There is three things I would like to talk about in this blog today. First a little about my training, second about last night’s taekwondo grading, and third about the 2 hour fitness kickboxing workout we had last night. Well first thing is first and that is about a person who trains with me once a week doing one of the workouts I personally do for myself. I normally do around 20 some workouts every week. I do cardio, strength/power, plyometrics, abs/core, hard body training, conditioning of the hands and feet, as well as martial arts skills training. I generally like to train alone for my conditioning.  I don’t have to rely on anyone else to motivate me or to be on time for the workouts. I use partners for skill training as it is more fun and beneficial that way. I do have one of my fitness kickboxers who comes in once a week and trains with me. She does the workouts I do to help prepare myself for competition. She works hard through the workouts and never complains how hard some of them can be. She always looks forward to doing them and you can tell she appreciates the time I put forth in my training and the fact I am taking the time to train with her. She keeps me moving sometimes when I want to take a quick break. So thank you Selena for trusting me and my workouts.

The second thning I want to write about is the Taewondo grading we had last night, April 24, 2009.  We have 6 students going for yellow belts and 2 students going for orange belts. So basically a beginner’s level grading. Four of these students were adults and four were children. The children did a good job at grading but that’s not what I want to discuss. There was two adults at grading that tested for their yellow belts that inspire me. One was 49 years old and the other was 57 years old. Both started their taekwondo a lot later than most people who even consider. Margaret inspired me because of her age and the fact that she always give it her all. She will work harder than some of the students that are far younger. She had actually taken Taekwondo class earlier in the day and tested later in the evening for her yellow belt. She never gives up and her perseverance is truly inspiring to all. Rob also tested for his yellow belt was another person we can all look up to. He has taken his taekwondo training very seriously and just at the beginner level, he has already took a firm grasp of the mentally needed to be a successful martial arts student and a student of life. But that is not what made me notice him during grading. What I noticed most about Rob was his friendliness and courtesy he showed to everyone at the grading. He went out of his way to cheer on other students and to help them with their equipment and to tighten their belts when needed. He showed that we are all a team. No one person is more important than the other and we should be helping each other grow into champions of life.

Third subject for today is the two hour fitness kickboxing workout that we hold once a month on the last Friday of every month. I had a good crew of mixed gender kickboxers that worked hard. They went through a 30 minute warm up using dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. Then they went through two 35 minute sessions of just kicking for the first 35 minutes and just punching for the second 35 minutes. We finished with a 20 minute cool down and stretch.  It was hot and humid because of the taekwondo grading that had just finished but they work hard through it. A few people stuck out in my mind. One was Jeff, who is one of my black belts. He worked hard through the whole thing. He was so full of energy even at the end. His upbeatness definitely rubbed off on some people and probably motivated them to carry forward with their own workout. Another person is once again Selena for the second time in this blog today. She was sore from working out with me the day before but that didn’t slow her down. I think everyone who did the workout deserves a job well done. Most people don’t think it is possible to do a 2 hour workout but we show them it is possible and it really is not all that bad. I wish more people can experience the joys of a hard workout and the health benefits it can have on you both mentally and physically.

So in this blog you can tell that I highly appreicate hardwork, talent, commitment, courtesy, trust, and teamwork. I am blessed to have the students who fully trust me and are loyal to what we do. Without you I cannot continue to help make champions of life.


Master Jonathan Field

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  1. I find it truly rewarding to complete one of your workouts (kick-boxing and partner-training); they are extremely challenging, and push me to work harder, both physically and mentally. Most important, it’s always fun! Thank you!

  2. This is one 57 year old yellow belt who is very proud to be part of your organization. Thanks for your very sweet words about me and keep up the good work. I will add your blog to my favourites and be checking it out often.

  3. Thanks Jonathan for those kind words. Keep up the good work. Brodie and I are glad we are apart of the Cobourg Tae Kwon Do Family.


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