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As normal I got three topics I want to cover in today’s blog. First off for today is a review of WWE’s Backlash held on April 26th. It was a solid wrestling PPV. The Christan vs. Jack Swagger was a basic match. I liked the fact that Christian won the ECW championship. He is a good wrestler and WWE needs to give him more of a push. He can be a big player on their shows. I also thought Hardy vs. Hardy “I Quite” match was solid. Lots of action and resulting in Jeff Hardy winning and breaking his brother’s hand for real. And you call wrestler fake. The match with Triple H, Shane McMahon, and Batista vs. Legacy was ok. The crowd was not really into it until Randy Orton beat Triple H at the end and became the new heavyweight champion of the world. John Cena vs. Edge was one of the best matches of the night. Lots going on and a surprise ending of Big Show throwing Cena into a spot light. Has Edge ever won a WWE/Heavyweight Championship without cheating? I do like watching wrestling. These guys and gals are very athletic and earn every penny they get.

Also on sunday I had Jeff (Black belt), Margaret (Yellow belt), and myself in at the dojang to do a hour or slightly more interview with a 3rd year York Univrsity student. He is taking a course in Kinesiology. One of the classes he is taking is Human Body as a Weapon. Sounds like a class I want to take. Anway he asked us various questions about focus, concentration, meditating, self defense, reaction time, thinking, physical and mental benefits gained, and things along that line. All three of us gave him various answers based on our own personal experiences in martial arts and in life. So we hope it helped him learn a little more in depth abouth martial arts and how it is not just about fighting. I also think we learned what we thought about our own training as some of the questions we never really thought about.

The last thing I want to talk about today is meditatiing. I have meditiated off and on for well over a few years or so now. I have found that is helps relax ones mind and allows you to see things differently that you did before. It reduces stress, increase control of the mind and body, helps controls one’s temper, increase internal and external strength and various other benefits. The meditation methods I used were taught to me by Grandmaster John Dube. He learned them from his master who came from Korea. One method I use is the counting up to a specific number and then counting back down to zero. This one is suppose to help focus and increase power. Another method is to breath in and hold your breathe for as long as you can before breathing out slowly. This helps build to up your hard KI. Another breathing method is to breath in positive things like god, strength, good habits, and etc,. and breath out the negative things like the devil, weakness, and bad habits and so forth. Another breathing meditation I like to use it to breath in and when you breath out you try to clear the mind. And the last method is to just simply try to empty the mind. If thoughts come in, let them pass by without thinking about them.

I personally think everyone young and old should be practicing meditation. It is so good for you mentally, physically, and spiritualy. Quite frankly there is to much stress in today’s lifestyle. We all need the opportunity reduce the stress and become more calm in everyday situations. Way too many times we allow outside stresses to negatively effect us. Learning to calm the mind and look at things from another perspective or two can really help. The world can greatly improve if everyone would be more relaxed and respectful of each other. I always feel better after a good meditation session and I see things completely different. What might have bothered me before can no longer effect my good mood. The more I can reduce the stress for myself and for others, the longer I will maintain my youthful health and further age my old soul and mind.

Well I hope everyone enjoys today’s blog. I know I enjoyed writing it.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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