Sparring and Bananas

Hey Everyone

Back with another blog. First I would like to mention how good the sparring was last Thursday and Saturday.  The best match of Thursday night would have to go to Ryan and Rob in the adult class. There was lots of various techniques and combos throwed, and tons of attacks and counters. Like watching a human chess game. Two students who’s sparring is coming along real nice is Brodie and Kyle. They are improving quite quickly. Thinking ahrad and throwing nice clean techniques and combos.

Saturday sparring class had a few good matches as well. Josh and Amber was a good one with lots of action. These two are really starting to plan ahead and use a variety of techniques and strategies. Also Jamie and Amber was a good little match up. Jamie has come quite a way in the past few weeks. He has hardly sparred with equipment at all. He was shy at first but he is improving nicely.

Another person to mention is Master Joyce. She is still coming to sparring class. She still shows the younger generations how it is done. She is one of the only ladies that I know that will step in the ring at her age and spar guys that are 20 to 30 years younger at competitions. She shows us all what a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude can do. She is an inspiration to us all.

Another thing I want to talk about is Bananas. I love eating bananas but only recently made sure I eat one a day. They taste great and they provide many health benefits. Some of the benefits to eating bananas are; protection from ulcers, lots of potassium, peotects your eye sight, helps stronger bones through absorbing more calcium, helps with kidney health, good for heart and nerves, can help depression, and many more. So I say eat bananas. They are easy to eat and not messy. Everyone needs a well balance diet and exercise program to maintain good physical and mental health.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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