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Hi Everyone

I tried the Chrissy workout again today. 6 days after my Kettlebell certification course. I did it with a 30lbs kettlebell. I was able to finish the workout in 10 minutes and 25 seconds. I did it in Toronto at 11:51. I believe the weight difference of 5lbs was not a factor. I believe not being physically and mentally tried was the different. Training in kettlebells for 7 and 1/2 hours and then doojg the Chrissy workout was the main factor. Still a hell of a workout. I was done by the end.

So just in case anyone didn’t know by now, Selena and I was training with Kettlebells. People probably wondered what type of workouts we were doing. We do cardio, core, strength, and plyometric workouts with the kettlebells. These little cast iron bells can kick your butt during a workout. I can’t wait to start teaching kettlebell classes and doing personal training.

The students that are going for black belts and up are coming along nicely. They are really getting the hang of their patterns and their techniques are coming along nicely. The June 20th grading should be a good one. Any of my colour belts are more than welcome to come and spar with them during the grading. I do have a few surprises up my sleeve for them.

One last thing. The morning Taekwondo class students are coming along good. They are improving their sparring and the whole not thinking thing. They are learning to hit the opening without thinking or be concerned with a certain technique. It is all about using the technique that is most available at that given moment.  Also the fitness kickboxers have been working pretty hard as of late. They are toughing through some of the new more brutal wokrouts and they are loving it. Keep up the good job.

Master Jonathan Field

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