Black Belt Grading Practice/Kettlebell Intro

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Okay let’s get right to it. We did a Black Belt grading practice on Monday May 18th for one hour. We practiced our punching drills, blocking drills, and our patterns. It looks like everyone is going to be ready for the grading. Allover the techniques and stances look good and they remember what they need to know. We all know I hold the toughest grading in Northumbrland County. 10 hours with me is not easy. I am always impress by how my students dig deep down inside of themselves and conquer whatever challenges I throw at them. They got the Wolverine spirit of never giving up. If you gave up you are no longer alive. I do beleive they know they got it easy compared to myself and Master Joyce Farrell as we did 40 hours with Grandmaster Veronica DeSantos and all that training that she made us do.

Of that last sentence or two I had a lady from another club argue with me once that what we had to do for grading was too much and she didn’t beleive we did it. My response was that you can call my master and ask her yourself. I also told her if she beleived that there is such a thing as being too much when it comes to bettering yourself then she shouldn’t be in the martial arts or be a parent of a child in martial arts. Just because one academy does things different compared to another school does not make them wrong. It makes them different. The world is full of differences. There is no such thing as one way. Anyone who believes in just one way should not be involved in martial arts or teaching it.

I also did a mini intro class on kettlebells with 6 of my ladies of various ages and fitness levels. We did 45 minutes of instructions as well as a few mini cardio circuits. They all did pretty well and were a little sore a few days later. That’s to be expected as it is a completely new exercise program for most of them. Well at least 5 of the 6.  Selena obviously been working with me so she was able to set a good example for the rest. Thanks to Joanne, Angela, Margaret, Julie, Shellene, and Selena for trying the Kettlebells out. I was able to figure out that most ladies should start out with 15lbs to 20lbs kettlebells and work their way up. I can’t wait to start teaching them in June and start training clients privately. If you want to know more, contact me.

Master Jonathan Field

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  1. Thanks Sean. This year’s group will be going through hell and back but they appreciate it at the end and would not have it any other way.

  2. as someone who went through black belt grading with Masters Jonathan and Joyce I can assure anyone who asks that it was the hardest thing you will ever do – and one of the harder (and fun) things was Master Jonathan’s Saturday morning wake up class at 7:00 am.

    Enjoy your black belt grading!

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