Hello Everyone

Probably a short blog today. I just want to discuss opinions. Everyone has opinions and we all have different views about the same things. That is okay as it is part of who we are. We all have different experiences in life and our brains are all wired differently. It is important though that you respect that someone’s opinion is different than ours and you don’t disrespect what they beleive in.

A few things are needed though to have a valid opinion about anything you have an opinion on. You need to have an educated opinion on your topic. Meaning you need to know what you are talking about. You need to have some sort of experience with it and you need to have done research of some srt. i.e. you watched it on television, you read books, you looked it up on the internet, you read newspaper articles, you asked others what they thought., and etc,.

Also with opinions, you need to back it up. You need to be able to explain your position using the experience you have. If you cannot explain what you are trying to get across, then why are you discussing your opinion.

Two or more people should be able to agree to disagree and leave it as that. Having friendly debates can be good for you because it will force you to truly understand your point of view and to help you understand others’ view.

Well I wrote more than I thought I would.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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