The Selena Workout/Self Defense Seminar/Practices

Hello Everyone

It has been almost a week since my last post. So here it is. For some of you who don’t know. I created a workout called “The Selena Workout” with the help of my good friend and sometime training aprtner Selena. I can’t tell you what the workout consist of yet because I am putting my students who are testing for black belts through it on Saturday and I want it to be a surprise.  When I did the workout about a week ago, I did it in 8 minutes and 17 seconds. Selena was able to do it in 13 minutes and 27 seconds. Andf she did a slightly harder version of the one exercise. I figured she would be able to do the workout in about 15 minutes and she thought in about 20 minutes. So it was a good surprise for the both of us. Way to go!

On Saturday June 13th we had a self defense seminar for women only. It went well. We had a Toronto Police Officer come in and he gave about an one hour speech on self defense and our legal responsibilities when we have to defend ourselves. He was excellent and we thank him for volunteering his time. We taught the ladies simple yet effective self defense techniques that anyone can use no matter their physical shape or size. Self Defense techniques need to be simple and easy to remember. Not everyone can train in martial arts all the time. Everyone had a good time and learnt some valuable stuff.

Team Wolverine practices have been coming along nicely. We are running through our creatives breaking routines pretty smoothly. That is probably the hardest event to train for in competition. Also the power breaking is coming along nicely. Everyone seems to be peaking at the right time. I believe everyone will be ready when we go down to Florida to compete at the US OPEN and ISKA World Championships on July 3rd and 4th. Go Team Wolverine.

Master Jonathan Field

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