Black Belt Ceremony

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Okay let’s talk about the Black Belt Ceremony that we had at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do last night, June 26th at 7:30pm. Well first we started on time which is always a huge bonus. Especially when you deal with so many people. We bagan by having Master Gayle and Master Joyce saying a few words. The music began to play the original Superman theme as the students came out performing flying side kicks and then lining up for ready position. They did an punching drill before returning to the offstage area. Next the students did two groups of four and performed a few blocking drills together.

This was followed by the studetns coming out in pairs and demonstrating their one step sparring on each other. Following this had the students doing some non contact sparring to demontrate their sparring skills and array of skills. The students then came together as a whole and performed Taeqeuk 3 as a big group. Taeqeuk 8 was performed only by the Black Stripes and Koryo was performed by the black belts.

Now it was time for each student to perform their musical pattern in front of everyone on their own. Each student had to pick a piece of music and create their own unique pattern that went with the rhythm of the music they chose. This was followed by the breaking section of our ceremony. We had the students demonstrate a variety of single breaking techniques followed by some speed breaking on multi stacks of wood. Very well done.

The night ended with the students making a circle and being presented their new black belts that they so deserved. But before the belts were presented, the challenger’s cup made its’ come back. Lying low for 23 months, I decided to bring back the challenger’s cup and present it to the person who most deserved it. This person overcame challenges, injuries, and was truly an inspring leader of the group before, during, and after the grading. The winner of the cup was Jeff Morrow.

Okay now I would like to mention all the students who worked so hard at obtaining their new ranks. Luke Archibald – Black Belt,   Liam Archibald – Black Belt,   Reilly Huffman – Black Belt,  Bordie Majdell – Black Belt,  Lynnea Carlson – Black Belt,  Ismael Ndiaye – 1st Poom Black Belt,  Dakota Howell – 1st Poom Black Belt, and Jeff Morrow – 1st Dan Black Belt. Fianlly I would like to thank Master Joyce Farrell, Master Gayle Richards, Sir Richard Bernier, and Ma’am CHarlotte Kerr for thewir help and support during the black belt grading and process. Everyopne did an wonderful job. I am already looking forward to next year.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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