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Here is a quick blog today. I have been relaxing somewhat from training but not really. I have been working out but not as much. I have been giving my mind and body a little rest. Not by choice mind you. I have been busy with running the office and adding two new elements to the business.

The week after next I will be able to go full force again. I will be doing 6 strength/power workouts a week, plus 2 plyometric workouts, 2 ab/core workouts, and 2 cardio/conditioning workouts. I will also be doing plenty of iron body training, smashing into concrete, board and concrete breaking, and a bunch of other stuff. I don’t want to go into too much detail as that is my little secret.

Also I am going to train with Chip Townsend, a 14 time ISKA World Champion for a day in September. I am super excited about that. Chip is such a great guy.

Okay, gotta go teach.

Master Jonathan Field


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