Taekwondo Summer Day Camp Day 1


Yesterday was Day one of five for our second summer day camp here at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do. The day started out with some basic kicking techniques on the heavy bags followed by a short break. We then continued with a 1 hour taekwondo class. Ismael and Michelle worked with the summer campers again on the heavy bags working on their various hand strikes and combos. I taught the regular morning taekwondo class. We then worked on various blocking techniques after a short break.

We broke for a half hour lunch before continuing with forward and back wards rolls taught by Liam, Luke, and Michelle.  The campers had a quick snack break and resumed with some relay races. After another drink break the campers worked on various punching drills and finished the day with  strikes on kicking paddles.

Everyone worked hard and had a fun day. Now i got to go and get ready for day number two.

Master Jonathan Field


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