Taekwondo Summer Day Camp Day 2


Well yesterday we finished Day 2 of the Taekowndo Summer Day Camp here at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do. We started with various pushing kicks on the body shields. Had a Taekwondo class at 10am for a hour. After that class we did games like “Sir Says” and having to hold certain martial art poses for a long period of time. Fun, Fun, Fun! Ismael and Michelle are getting better at taking leadership roles.

After lunch we did various flying kicks and punches over body shields landing on mats. We followed this with speed striking by striking a falling target and hitting it before it hits the ground. After that the campers worked on their balance on the balance beam performing various strikes and kicks. We finished the day with some tug a war. Luke, Liam, and Michelle did a good good helping instructing the camp.

Back to preparing for today’s camp.

Master Jonathan Field


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