Taekwondo Summer Day Camp Day 3


So yesterday was day 3 of 5 for our taekwondo summer day camp. This week is flying by. We started the camp with some combinations on the bag followed by a heavy kicking taekwondo class using lots of paddle drills. We finished the morning session with various flying and climbing kicks on the huge black bag. Lots of fun doing this. Then they broke for lunch. Ismael is really starting to take charge of the students. By Friday he will own the game.

In the afternoon we let the campers have some down time and play and interact with each other on their on terms. Then Lynnea took charge and had them doing various games and activities with a martial arts twist to it. She was very creative.

Okay fall to plan today’s events. It is going to be a hard day for them today. Oh yeah!

Master Jonathan Field


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