Taekwondo Summer Dap Camp Day 4


So yesterday was Day 4 of the Taekwondo Summer Day Camp. We started with doing various blocks and kicks. Then we continued with a variety of kicking and punching combos on the heavy bags. Before lunch we did various kicks and striking while running up the bags and jumping through the air and striking kicking paddles. Ismael and Michelle are getting better at instructing and handling the children.

After lunch we let the students have another interactive active break so they could get to know each other. Lynnea and Michelle thenĀ  had the students do various relay styles games with many aspects relating directly to Taekwondo and Martial Arts. We finished the day off by testing their balance on the balance beam doing various strikes, kicks, and blocks.

Okay I gotta go and teach today’s summer camp. Michelle and Ismael are doing a great job as I write this. I better go and save them.

Master Jonathan Field


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