Something to Prove?

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Here is today’s blog. So you got something to prove, eh? Who do you got to prove it to? It’s it your parents, your friends, your teachers, your instructors, your community, or maybe it’s the man down the street? Everybody’s got something to prove. The only person who you need to prove is yourself. Only one person’s opinion ultimately should matter. And that person is you. What you think of yourself is more important than anyone’s else. Well as long as you are not conceded or arrogant about it.

Way too many times people are worried about proving themselves to others. This is highly unnecessary. If you build yourself up the way you what to see yourself, that is how others will see you. If you are athletic, smart, sexy, confidence, or whatever. That is what people will see you as. If you lack self confidence, aren’t outgoing, and are always down on yourself, that is how people will view you. So prove it to yourself that you are what you want to be or get to where you want to be.

Also way too many people think it is embarrassing to lose at a sporting event, lose a job, lose a fight, or whatever it might be. Well how can anyone say it is embarrassing if you went out and gave it your all. EmbarrassingĀ  is not trying at all. Embarrassing is sitting on the sidelines and making excuses why you aren’t doing whatever it is that you are making excuses not to do. Don’t make anymore excuses. Prove it to yourself that you can do it or at least go down trying.

Anyone who says that they don’t have anything to prove it full of crap. Are you telling me that you have nothing in your life that makes you get up in the morning. You telling me that you don’t have the ambition to do well at school, at work, at your favorite sport or hobby, or relationships, or anything in life. We were put on this earth to continue to move forward and not sit still. You don’t have to be the greatest person out there but you must strive to improve upon something in your life.

Remember that great things were accomplished by single thoughts and step by step progression. So go out there and prove to yourself whatever it is your need to prove. You can do it.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

2 comments on “Something to Prove?

  1. Of course Jason makes a good point, but if you are looking at the bigger picture of one’s life as a whole, a person needs to strive for their own personal best. In doing this, a person automatically projects to their spouse, children, employer, teacher, etc. the qualities that demand respect. By working hard at a goal, accepting and leaning from your mistakes, and basically being true to yourself, you set the best possible example for everyone. Only you can let people influence you negatively….cause you to be embarrassed, or interfere with your happiness.

    There is much more satisfaction in proving to yourself that you can do something, than doing it to please anyone else. It’s nice when your friends and loved ones let you know they are proud of you (just as you would do for their accomplishments) and it makes you happy, but ultimately, if you really think about it, the person who is most happy about the accomplishment is YOU.

  2. I believe you’re confusing desire for general acceptance (trying to prove something) and strength of character.

    You can have “nothing to prove”. This is because you are not seeking acceptance from individuals that have no influence on your life. The common problem is that people believe that general perception of them defines who they are. They then seek to impress others by proving how “good” they are at something, anything. People like to feel special.

    Choosing to not care what people think is not effective either. If I didn’t care what my wife thought of me (my character) then my relationship with her would dissipate. If I didn’t care what my children thought of me I would loose their respect subsequently loose the ability to help shape their lives. If I didn’t care what my boss thought of me I would loose my job. If I didn’t care what my mentors thought of me then I wouldn’t heed their advice and would not improve as a person, in my career, my finances, etc. I should be embarrassed if I let those people down. It shows I care. It drives me to improve.

    Strength of character is first determining who you what to be. Then finding people that will hold you accountable for becoming that person, i.e. the people that you choose to have influence on your life. You should care what these people think and what their opinion is of you, but only by choice.

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