Training with Master Chip Townsend

Hello Everyone

What a great day I had yesterday. I got to train with a 14 Time ISKA World Champion Master Chip Townsend for two hours. We worked on kicking, striking, and breaking. Master Chip got me to break a stack of concrete slabs that I was having difficulty getting over a certain number and he got me through it. I also got to break my first baseball bat with my shin. It didn’t even hurt. Thank god for all the iron body training I do.

After the training session Master Chip, Freddie Williams, and I went our for dinner at the Buttermilk Cafe in downtown Cobourg. It was an excellent meal. For those who don’t know who Freddie Williams is, he is a 5 time Canadian 800-meter champion, former record holder and a two-time South African 800m national champion, NCAA All-American recognition 17 times, and 3 time Olympian.

Master Chip then did a one hour and forty five minute class with my students on kicking and sparring. It was great to have so many of my students. I don’t think we could have handle many more during this class. They all have fun and learn. It was awesome.

At 8pm Master Chip and Freddie Williams did a health, fitness, and wellness presentation. It went great too. Both are awesome speakers and really know their stuff. We have some good hits on people who want to join us in our movement to create a more healthier society. If anyone is interested in learning more about this. Call me at 905-373-0032 and I can help you out.

I have pictures on my facebook account at Jonathan Field. I will upload some pics soon to this blog.

Thanks for a great experience Master Chip, Freddie, and mt students and parents.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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