Choosing a Martial Arts School: Part 1

Hello Everyone

It has been a little while since I wrote my last blog. Well today I have decided to write a blog on choosing a martial arts school. Today I am going to focus on some of the negative traits and things you want to avoid in a martial arts instructor.

First off, you do not want a martial arts instructor who is more concerned with saying negatives things about other martial arts schools and instructors. Martial Arts Instructors should be more focused on telling people about the positive things that are going on in their own school and not be concerned with bad mouthing others.

Secondly, you should avoid instructors that do not practice what they preach. Way too many times you will see out of shape instructors who nag that their students about being in shape, eating right, and making proper weight and etc, and yet they do not do this stuff themselves. I personally wouldn’t feel right about teaching and guiding my students if I wasn’t practicing what I preach and teach.

Thirdly, one should avoid the instructor who lacks passion for what they do. There is nothing worst then trying to learn from someone who doesn’t give a darn about what they are doing. An instructor cannot expect his students to have passion if they themselves do not.

Fourthly, avoid instructors who think they are better then everyone else. Yes instructors in general are suppose to be better than their students up to a certain point. One must not be conceded about it. In general I am better than my students and that is why they come to me, to learn from someone better. I do have a few students who can do a few movements that I cannot. Their is people who just have natural abilities for certain things. Also one must remember there is always someone out there that is better than you.

Fifthly, please avoid the instructor who has stopped learning. Students want to learn updated material and not stuff from 30 years ago. Instructors must strive to continue to learn new techniques, adapt old techniques to modern situations, and continue to learn new teaching methods. Instructors cannot expect their students to want to learn if they themselves no longer do so.

Sixthly, you should avoid the instructor who seems to be more worried about your money than teaching you. I always say I don’t teach for the money. If the money comes great, if not oh well.

Seventh, avoid the instructors who think it is fun to go around and hurt and harass people. Yes there is instructors out there who do this. I know a few of them. These are the people who set bad examples for everyone and shouldn’t be allowed to teach. We as instructors are here to set a positive example and be a good role model. We hold some much power and some chose to abuse this privilege.

Okay enough negativity here. Next time I am going to write on the positive things that an instructor should represent.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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