Choosing a Martial Arts School: Part 2


Okay this is part 2 of the Choosing a Martial Arts School. Yesterday I focused on some of the negative traits to avoid in an instructor. Today I will be talking about the positive things to look for.

Number One, look for an instructor that you can get along with. If you are going to allow someone to be teaching you and guiding you, you should be getting along with them.

Number two, pick an instructor who continues to keep learning. Learning can include reading books, watching videos and dvd’s, taking seminars, taking certification courses, training with other people, training under their masters and grandmasters, and learning from within. Competitions is another way to learn as well.

Number three, look for an instructor who truly loves what they are doing. Someone who truly has an passion for what they do is awesome.

Number four, pick an instructor who sets realistic goals for their students. Instructors are here to know the potential of their students and realistically get them there. Setting the bar too high is not good at all.

Number five, look for an instructor that has experience in what they teach and preach. Learning from a national, international, or world level competitor who can teach is great. They know what it takes to succeed and you can feed off their experiences.

Number six, an instructor should live the lifestyle that they preach. Instructors need to be physically and mentally fit and not have any bad habits.

Number seven, an instructor should lead by example. A good leader is someone who is there right in the middle of everything and is doing everything with their team.

Number eight, look for an instructor who truly cares for his students and their families. The better the instructor knows their students, the easier it is for them to make sure the students are getting what they need out of their program.

Number nine, an instructor should care about the community they live in. They strive to make a different beyond the walls of their dojang/dojo.

And many many more. I probably could go on all day but I don’t have that much time before training again. You got the picture of what I am talking about. I’ll be back soon with some more stuff on how to choose a martial arts school.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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