A child brings me back

Hello Everyone

I decided to write today’s blog on how I am seeing the world as of late. What I am seeing it there is a lot of rude people out there. It seems that people do not seem to care about others as much as they use to. People are more likely to steal, lie, hurt, and whatnot to others. There is more physical violences towards one another. People seem to hate other people because they are different or do something slightly different than what they do. Businesses will do anything to put one another out of business to later find out that they need the competition. Or how about athletes that take it personal and try to hurt other athletes.

I have seen on television that people are blackmailing each other over sex scandals that happened years ago. I am seeing couples break up and are extremely hurtful towards each other. I see people who think it is okay to be physically violence with each other. You hear of people who use people to get what they want and then simply toss them aside like a piece of worthless crap.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I know there is so much good in the world and this is just a small area of humanity. But if you go back many of years you would see neighbours and friends helping each other out without being asked or expecting anything in return. Or how about when people use to simply say “HI” to strangers because that was a courtesous thing to do. What about stopping to help a total stranger when you see they are struggling with something. I think people were a lot happier when the world was like this.

Now you are probably wondering how this  blog relates to the title. “A child brings me back” Well let me explain. See there is a little boy I know how is the son of one of my students and the younger brother of two older brothers who are also my students.  This little boy is always great for me. I always see him smile and he doesn’t seem to have a care in the world.  He always seems to be polite and uses please and thank you. He is very good for me if I am trying to help his put his coat on or his shoes. He always says thank you and it seems like he really appreciates the help. It is of very little effort to help him do these things but it seems he appreciates the effort anyway.

Seeing this with him or any child for that matter brings be back to the fact that there is still a group of people on this planet that is still kind and caring. It’s our children. We as the adults need to make sure we can instill the good qualities of people a good person in them so they can pass it on to the next generation. I think we all need to be a little more childlike and really care about others and their efforts. We need to stop hurting one another. To the most part children are peaceful, friendly, and caring individuals and we all need to more like that.

So to close this blog for today, I thank at one little boy and all the children out there that are actualy setting the example for us. We just need to stop and pay attention.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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