A child brings me back Part 2


I wanted to add more to yesterday’s blog as I tend to think a lot faster than I can type and I forget to include stuff. So here is part 2 of yesterday’s blog.

I think we all need to be more childlike. If you observe young children you will see many things. One thing you will notice is they too the most part are very happy people who do not have much stress or worries. They just kind of go with the flow. We have yet to teach them to worry about things or have them over analysis the situations that they come across. We need to be a little more free that way.

Another thing you will notice with younger children is that they do not appear to discriminate against others to the most part. Young children seem to love everyone. As long as you are good to them, they love ya. They are not concerned with the colour of your skin, your physical appearance, what background you come from, what your job is, and all the other crap that we as adults tend to discriminate against. Unofrtunately as the children get older they are taught discrimination whether intentional or unintentional. We need to see through the eyes of a child when meeting new people and choose not to discriminate. Take people for who they are and be happy.

Also when observing younger children, you will notice that children do not have the need to hurt each other. Whether that be physical, mental, or emtional. If a young child does hurt someone it is because they have yet to learn how to articulate their feelings in what we deem as appropriate behaviour. In general children do not hurt others for the sake of hurting others. It is not really in their nature to do so. It seems that they are taught the negative traits as they grow older through various sources. We as the adults of this world need to try and be more like them. We need to stop hurting one another.

I think that we need to learn from our children and from others children. They are the ones that are acting in what they deem as appropraite behaviour. The behaviour of innocence. They can teach us so much. We would simply learn that we should not discriminate, love everyone, do not attentionally hurt anyone else, be happier, and just let life happen.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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