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Hello Everyone

It has been a little while since I wrote  a blog. A combination of being busy with the business and training. Anyway I got a few topics to talk about in short. First of all, for the ones that haven’t heard I am now a published writer. My one blog from July was published in KIAI: Canadian martial Arts magazine in the Fall 2009 Issue, I was also asked to write another article for the next issue on Russian Kettlebells. I was asked after I taught a 3 hour seminar on Kettlebells to a group of Black Belts at Grandmaster Veronica DeSantos’ DeSantos premier Martial Arts Studio back in October. I just finished writing the article and sent it away for editing. Here is the link to KIAI and I think everyone should support our Canadian Martial Arta magazine and subscribe to it. I know I am. The link is

I also had Gerri from Gerri Photography take some pictures for the magazine as well as for publicity. She just sent me a few pictures the other day as a teaser and I have attached them below. Gerri is an excellent photographer and if you are looking to get photos done for any and all occasions, contact her through her website. Gerri also took some pictures of Selena for the Kettlebell classes.  She is one of our Taekwondo/Fitness Kickboxing/Kettlebell student here at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do. Selena is actually the first person I ever taught Kettlebells to. And if anyone remembers the Selena workout from months ago. That is the girl I created it for. More Pictures of the photoshoot of her and I should be coming soon. Gerri got some great shoots of some aerial kicks of mine as well.

If anyone is interested in Kettlebell classes with me, just let me know and I will fill you in. Kettlebells are my main training tool for conditioning of my cardio, strength, power, core strength, joint mobility, and flexibility. My Taekwondo performance has greatly improved since I started training with them. The difference it made in my training showed when I won 3rd Place at the 2009 ISKA World Championships back in July down in Florida.

I am expecting 2010 to be a good and busy year here at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do. We are going to have the biggest Black Belt grading we have ever had. Team Wolverine is going to be bigger than ever and our training is gonna rock. The 2010 ISKA US OPEN and World Championships are gonna be great. And I am hoping to line up some other good stuff as well.

Take care for now.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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