Flying Kicks Pictures by Gerri Weatherbee

Hey Everyone

Here’s today blog. It is just going to be a posting of some of the pictures of the flying kicks Gerri took of me at her studio in downtown Colbrone. You can reach her at Also I notice a few mistakes/typos in the last blog about Respect. That is the last time I write a blog, check my emails, and do facebook all at once. LOL

Taking or doing flying kicks by just jumping straight up in the air is not an easy task. Especially when the floor moves underneath you. Photo studios are not designed for people flying around in the air kicking at stuff. I did ¬†good job of not breaking any of Gerri’s expensive equipment. She is a pro at what she does. ANd I like the setup of her studio. Very professional and comfortable to work in. More pictures of Selena and I posing with the Kettlebells to come soon.

Take care for now.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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