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I hope everyone got a chance to look up the video from the last blog. It is a nice song/story that truly represents the Christmas spirit and how we should be treating others. Anyway today’s blog is about dreams. What I mean is the dreams you have in your life. You know. The stuff you inspire to do and be. Those things of dreams. These dreams are very important to us. They are part of the reason we keeping moving forward in life. Without dreams we would be living a life in which nothing matters. I for one would hate going through life not having something to shoot for. What a pointless existence.

We all have different dreams as we all come from different backgrounds. Our dreams to the most part are only important to you and to some part the ones we care about and care for us. But that is not always the case. Once I had a relationship with a young woman who once asked me to give up my dream to follow her to school in which she wasn’t sure if she wanted to do what she would have been studying. Well that was one of the reasons why we discontinued our relationship. The point being is that I do not think it is right for someone who loves you to ask you to give up on a lifetime dream to do something that isn’t really a dream to them. It is different if one person has already achieved their dreams and are now willing to sacrifice to help the other person achieve their dreams.  Two people can have completely different dreams and yet work to help each other achieve the other’s dreams. I think that is a sign of  a strong relationship.

Anyway there is many types and levels of dreams. Dreams can be very basic such as being happy in life, falling in love, keeping fit, raising a family, and everyday things like that. These dreams are the ones that really make life worth wild. Then there is more ambitious dreams such as winning world championships, climbing the corporate ladder, owning big expenses houses and cars, and things along that nature. These dreams are more for the person’s ego. And I do not mean ego in a bad way. A combination of both types of dreams that I just mentioned is a rare thing. There is a lot of people who we see as successful but they are really not happy. On the other end you see people who have simple life dreams that are extremely happy and yet could care less about filling their egos. Find what works for you.

Ultimately your dreams should make you feel good. They should give you a purpose for what you are doing in your daily lives. Granted that you have to work very hard at your dreams, they are worth it. And do not ever let the wrong person talk you out of your dreams. The right person will understand and support your dreams. If you are lucky enough to be living your dreams, great. Now try helping others do the same.

So keep on reaching for the stars and find what makes you happy. I know I am.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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