Christmas Holidays Workout #1

Hello Everyone

Since the holiday season is upon us and we will be eating lots of good and bad foods and not working quite as hard as we should, I thought I would write down some workouts that you can do at home.

First one I came across on the internet somewhere years ago and I do it with my various Taekwondo and fitness classes. All you need is yourself and a deck of playing cards. What you do is pick two exercises and designate each colour to one of the exercises. Whatever card you draw you have to do that many repetitions of that exercise. You can go through the whole deck, half the deck, or whatever you feel is a good workout for you. This is a great workout as each time you do it, it will always be different.

Below is some exercises you can pair up. Some are cardio,some are strenght, and some are both.

– Standard Push Ups (Black),  Squats (Red)

– Narrow Push Ups (Black) , Crunches (Red)

– Alternating Lunges (Black), Wave Push Ups (Red)

– Leg Scissors (Black), Mason Twist (Red)

– Jumping Jacks (Black), Burpees (Red)

– Bouncy Knees (Black), Plyometric Burpees (Red)

– Plyometric Lunges (Black), Plyometric Push Ups (Red)

– Jumping Jacks (Black), Reverse Leg Raises (Red)

If you do the whole deck you would have done 190 reps of the black cards and 190 reps of the red cards. You can also make it interesting by doubling or tripling the number of reps for certain or all the cards. Mix it up and be creative. It is more interesting that way.

Okay that’s it for now. I will write another workout down for you soon. Stay tune.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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