Holiday Workouts: Part 4

Hello Everyone

Here is part four of the Holiday workout series. Today’s blog is not really a workout but a few ideas on how to burn calories over the holidays.

– When you are going shopping or going out to eat, do not take the closest parking spot available. Instead park furthest away. All those extra steps do add up.

– If you are shopping with someone else, make sure you do all the carrying of the shopping bags. Work those muscles.

– After enjoying a nice holiday meal with your friends and family, go out for a walk around the neighbourhood to see all the lights and decorations on the houses and buildings.

– Take a trip to your local town park and explore their lighting/decoration displays.

– When it is time to be opening the christmas gifts, be the one who hands the presents to everyone.

– Be one of the ones to sets the table and gets all the lovely food ready for the holiday meals.

– Put down your utensils when you are chewing on your food. It will take you longer to eat and you won’t want to eat as much.

– If you are going to be consuming alcohol, don’t forget to be drinking lots of water too.

– Go outside and build snowmen with your loved ones. Even have a friendly snowball fight.

– When at holiday parties, move around a lot and meet and greet new people as well as ones you already know. Stay moving and standing.

These are just a few tips to be more active during the holidays. The key word is being and staying active. Keep moving so the calories keep burning. See what else you can come up with.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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