First blog of 2010

Hi Everyone

So here is the first blog of 201o. I know I haven’t written one since December 17. It’s the holidays. I shut my brain off for a bit. No, not really! I did plenty of thinking over the past few weeks. I am making some changes to the dojang. I am going to start some new projects that are going to be really beneficial to Cobourg Tae Kwon Do. Team Wolverine starts their first training session this upcoming Saturday. I am excited about that. There is 8 of us going. There is Master Joyce Farrell, Master Gayle Richards, Selena O’Reilly, Ismael Ndiaye, Charlotte Kerr, Mikaela Lavoy, Scott Allen, and Myself Master Jonathan Field. We also should have around 17 Black Belts grading. This is going to be awesome for everyone involved.

I would like to say what it is that the new projects are about but I can’t. I want them to be a surprise. All I can say is that 2010 will be a good year around here. 2009 was a good year. Our academy brought home a provincial championship, a national championship, 2 US OPEN championships, and a 3rd place at the ISKA World Championships. Also Cobourg Tae Kwon Do introduce a new Kettlebell class to the schedule and topped it with our own custom Wolverine Kettlebell brand. We also branded our t-shirt baring the Team Wolverine logo on it. It sold nicely. We also had 10 Black Belts grade in June 2009. it was a good grading. Everyone worked really hard. We also made some new friends from around the glode. Grandmaster Chip Townsend(14 time world champion) from Texas came up and trained our students.

Like I said above, 2010 will mark a good year for Cobourg Tae kwon Do, Its’ students, Team Wolverine, our community, and myself. I hope everyone is up to the challenge of making this year super successful for themselves and others. I am going to be encouraging everyone to do their best in all the things that they have to do.

Well this was a short blog but I am excited and I hope you are too.

Master Jonathan Field

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