Roast Beef Dinner Fundraiser


Well February was a slow month for me blogging. I promise to write more here in March. I already got three topics in mind for this week. We shall see if I write them all.

Today I want to take the time to thank everyone for all their support at our Roast Beef Dinner that we had at the Cobourg Memorial Temple in support of Cobourg Tae Kwon Do’s Team Wolverine. You may or may not not that Team Wolverine is competing in Florida in July at the 2010 US OPEN and ISKA World Championships. All proceeds will help pay for entry fees, boards, concrete, hotel, and flights.

With everyone who bought tickets, donated cash, and bought 50/50 tickets, we were able to make a profit of $896. That is $112 per person. It is a very nice start to our fundraising efforts. We are also having a hot luncheon in April, and another roast beef dinner in June. A few other fundraisers are in the works as well.

Okay I will now like to thank as many people as I can remember. Thanks to Gayle for setting this up. Thanks to Joyce, Gayle, Mikaela, Selena, Ismael, Scott, and Charlotte for selling the tickets. Thanks to everyone who bought tickets to come to the dinner, and to those who bought 50/50 tickets. Thanks to all the parents who helped clean up, wash dishes, and peeled potatoes. Thanks to my parents for setting up the tables along with Selena and I. Thanks to Gayle’s mom(Edna) and her Aunt Nancy for doing the cooking and shopping.  And to pretty much cover everything so I don’t miss anyone, thanks to everyone for supporting us, making donations, doing physically labour, and everything else that had to be done.

I’ll be back soon for another blog.

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