Doing Nice Things

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Okay so today’s blog is on doing nice things for others or being nice to others. I think way to often people only do nice things for others when they want something in return or feel guilty about something that have done. Now I know not everyone out there is this way. I know that there is probably far more people out there that do and act nice just because they are nice. But unfortunately there is people out there that do not act nice or do nice things just because. These people ruin it for everyone else.

You should be able to do nice things for others just because it is the right thing to do. You should not have any other reason for doing so. Doing something nice for someone because you feel guilty about something you have done to them does not cut it. You should have not done the negative thing in the first place. It does not make everything okay when you have done a negative thing to someone and then try to make up for it by doing something nice for them just so you can make yourself feel better. Doing something nice for someone is suppose to make them feel good first, and you afterwards with a second thought to what you have done.

Also you should never feel that you have to do something nice for someone because you feel you owe them for doing something nice for you. People should be free to do nice things for each other without people keeping track of who owes what person or keeping a list of things you have done. You do because you wanna do. You shouldn’t have to do something because you owe someone something. No one owes anybody anything. Do because you wanna do. (Nice Rocky Balboa quote here)No one should ever make someone feel that they owe someone else favours.

Now my black belts and students are being taught to do various courtesies for various people throughout their grading process. This may seem like I am forcing people to be nice to others and do nice things. In a way I am, however I am training them to be better people to others. Acting and doing nice is a behaviour that can be taught and we are enforcing this behaviour. I truly want to live in a better world where people are always nice to each other. If I can influence each class of black belts to be courteous and respectful to everyone and spread the word, then I am doing my job.

Unfortunately I always have to mention and show the negatives so that the positives seem so much more worth wild. You cannot fully appreciate the beauty of life without seeing and experiencing the hardship of life. So go out and start being much nicer to people. Don’t do it out guilt. Don’t do it out of greed. Don’t do it because you feel you have to. Do it because you know it is the healthy thing to do for everyone.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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