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Just wanted to touch base with everyone to let everyone know about our Relay for Life team we have. You see, my students who are grading for various levels of Black Belt have to do a community based project that is non profit that will benefit the community in which we live in. This doesn’t mean necessarily the town. It can mean the county, the province, and/or the country in which we live in.

Anyway Jeff Morrow who will be grading for his second degree black belt in June has set up Team Cobourg Tae Kwon Do for his project. He is the team Captain. Also joining him is Ryan Donnelly and Reilly Huffman as they are grading with him. The project allows for up to three of my students to work together on one project. If you have any questions regarding the team or joining the team, ask him. He can be reached through his facebook account at Jeff Morrow or talk to him at the dojang.

So far our team consists of Jeff Morrow, Ryan Donnelly, Reilly Huffman, Master Jonathan Field(me), Master Joyce Farrell, Master Gayle Richards, Richard Bernier, Lynnea Carlson, Joanne Hall, Alex Morrow, and Scott Allen. We currently have a few spots available on the team if anyone wants to join us. Once again talk to Jeff for more information.

You can make donations in a few different ways. One is to make a cash donation to anyone of us on the Team. You can donate through the facebook application on Jonathan Field, Joanne Hall, Ryan Donnelly, or Jeff Morrow’s facebook pages. You can also go on the Relay for Life website at and make a donation to one of the team members or to the Team Cobourg Tae Kwon Do in general. And we also have a donation can in the waiting room at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do.

We at this moment sit at third top collector so far in Northumberland area for Relay. Jeff is #7 top collector while I sit at #10. Our goal is to raise at least $1200 but we are going to exceed that by far. We currently have raised $785.  This is because of all the people who have made donations so far. We thank you on behalf of our team and from the Canadian Cancer Society for your support.

Please help us raise as much donations as possible to help fight cancer.  We all at some point dealt with cancer through friends, family, or maybe even personally. I know I have lost some people I cared about to cancer and I want to help fight it.

Thanks for reading today’s blog and for your support.

Master Jonathan Field

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