How my surgery went on Wednesday

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Not sure how many people knew that I went in for surgery yesterday(Wednesday March 31) to get an implant removed that was coming out by itself. I started out the day getting up for 3am and traveling to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. I checked in at 6am and got prepped for surgery. They wheeled me to the door of the operating room at 7:30am and left me there for about 30 minutes or so. I talked to a few doctors before going in. I am always a little nervous about being put to sleep as I don’t like losing control over my body. I trained over 13 years to be in control of my mind, body, and spirit and then to let someone take control of it. That’s not for me.

However the second they wheeled me into the operating room, my nerves went away. The doctors were great and walked me through everything they were doing and what they needed me to do. First they had to freeze me throat so they can stick a breathing tube down it. That took a while. They kept trying different ways to get the tube down. I vomited once when they hit my gag reflex.  When they finally got it down most of the way they started to sedate me and put me to sleep. Thank god because having a tube down your throat is a whacked out feeling. You can breathe, not breathe, and feel like you are choking all at once. Normally they put the tube in your throat after you are asleep so you don’t have to do through that but I have a narrow windpipe so it is safer to do it when I am awake. Most people never know they had a tube down their throat.

Anyway I figure that I was asleep for less then 2 hours as I was fully awake by 10:30am and drinking water. The actual operation was to take out a surgical implant that was suppose to be attached to my cheek bone that was now hanging in my mouth. They removed the implant, the screws holding it, and cleaned the bone up. Quite an easy procedure. I woke up fine. Quite quietly I think. I was sitting up on the bed when they were wheeling me to the recovery room. I had some water, vomited on the floor and I was good to go.

I ended up spending the rest of the day and evening in the recovering room because the room I was suppose to spend the night in apparently flooded and they almost canceled my surgery on me. Anyway I spend the remainder of the time in recovery. I got no real sleep at night because of a couple of sissy patients whining and complaining about everything all night. I ate good though. I had water, tea, apple juice, jello, and soup for lunch. I had water, tea, apple juice, vegetable lasagna, and banana cake for dinner. I had a egg salad sandwich and apple juice for a snack. And in the morning I had water, tea, apple juice, rice crispies in milk, and a muffin for breakfast.

After the surgery I have not up to this point have had one painkiller yet. I simply do not feel any real pain that would make me want to take anything for it. So I will be at the dojang tonight to bum around and start teaching again on Friday morning.

Thanks for my parents, Joyce, Gayle, Richard, Jeff, and Selena for looking after the dojang while I was having the surgery. I appreciate it very much. Thanks.

Master Jonathan Field

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  1. Excellent blog, Sir. I am afraid that’s more food than I would eat in a few days. Glad you’re back.

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