6 Days since my surgery

Hello Everyone

Okay so it has been 6 days since I had my surgery. I have heard many of times from various people who have asked how I was feeling. I highly appreciate this. It makes me feel good that people actually care about others well being. Anyway I thought I would tell you all how it has been going since my surgery.

Well last Thursday(the day after surgery), I was able to leave the hospital and get back to the dojang in time to watch Jeff Morrow teach my morning sparring class. He did a good job as always. I also had to read and send a bunch of emails I had gotten in that 24 hour period that I was away from the computer. I then went home and wrote the blog on how my surgery went. I spent Thursday evening watching some of the Taekwondo classes and Kickboxing class being taught by Master Joyce, Master Gayle, and Sir Richard. They all did a great job as usual. I also did some work on the computer.

Come Friday morning which was Good Friday, I taught morning Kickboxing to a nice crowd as well as teach morning Taekwondo to a nice morning class. I later that day taught a Kettlebell class before taking the weekend off to relax. Saturday I slept in a little. I got some more work done on the computer. I went to Canadian Tire to buy a battery charger for my motorcycle and I did some Archery which I haven’t done in a long time. I am much better now as I can apply my discipline into it. I also went and visited one of my Aunt’s and finished the evening with a movie. Sherloch Holmes. It was an okay movie. Not the best.

Sunday I slept in once again. I went bowling in the afternoon.  I also went for an afternoon ride on my motorcycle for about a hour. Perfect weather for it. I went and visited one of my Uncle’s in the evening.

Now come Monday(Easter Monday) morning I did a heavy kettlebell workout with two 50 pound kettlebells before I taught morning kickboxing. I want to stay a little light this week. After kickboxing I taught morning Taekwondo class. I taught an afternoon private lesson and did two more heavy Kettlebell workouts. I taught 3 Taekwondo classes and a kickboxing class.

Tuesday morning(Today) I did an plyometric style workout with the kettlebells then did the Spartan 300 beginner workout in 10 minutes 30 seconds. The first time I did it, it took 14 minutes and 15 seconds. Then I taught the morning Taekwondo class. I have also did some office work and played the guitar. So as far as how I am feeling. I feel pretty damn good. The surgery allowed me to take a little rest that I needed. But I would have rather been sent to Hawaii by you guys or something 🙂 I am just saying.  I enjoyed the rest but I enjoy working out and all that other stuff. Oh and I haven’t taken one painkiller yet.

Thank you everyone for showing your concern. I appreciate it very much. And thanks to Joyce, Gayle, Richard, Jeff, and Selena for teaching the classes while I was down but not out. Thanks to my parents for looking after the dojang.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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