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I thought I would just post some past testimonials my clients and students have given our great dojang.

“Jonathan Field is an outstanding instructor who practices what he preaches. He is one of the few level one participants to complete our benchmark workout in under 12 minutes with strict form. If you are looking for a Kettlebell trainer to get you in shape and keep you there Jonathan is the trainer for you.”
Shawn Mozen
Agatsu Inc

“Master Jonathan Field

A few months ago I asked you to attend a meeting at the Family Resource Centre for the Armed Forces of Canada in Toronto. I made a presentation on the opportunities provided by the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing. You made a very moving and compelling presentation on the benefits of martial arts to the Armed Forces of Canada.

Your generosity is evident as you offered your services and expertise to any soldier who may be returning from war or who may have served our country. Your sincerity is truly authentic. Thank you once again.

D. D.
Board Member of the Ontario Sector of Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing”

“My two sons began taekwondo seven years ago as timid young children. They are now teenage boys who are proud of their achievements, confident in their disposition and happy to belong to a “family” of friends who support each other. Taekwondo has tested the limits of their endurance and taught them to never say “can’t”. When they received their black belts this past Spring they each glowed with pride, and as a parent, who could ask for more?”
– Anita Macklin, October 2009

“As a colleague, Master Jonathan Field was supportive, motivating and fun to work with. He is an approachable, knowledgeable, and inspiring instructor, and is only getting better!! His dedication and loyalty to the sport is without comparison.”
– Kasey Liboiron, April 2008

“What a hidden gem this class is! I signed up with a girlfriend to have a girls night out, and we had a blast every week! The individual attention we were given was amazing, and WHAT A WORK OUT! It was by far the most fun I have ever had at any fitness class!”
– Elaine Cortesis, February 2008

Our two daughters love coming to Lil’ Dragons and are eager participants.  They enjoy Tae Kwon Do so much because Master Jonathan lets them have fun, while encouraging them to develop focus and discipline.  As parents, we are also impressed with how Lil’ Dragons has improved their self-confidence and self-esteem. Kudos to Master Jonathan for his ability to understand and coach each child as an individual – and for creating such a positive, encouraging environment for learning.”
– Karen and Joel Klassen, December 2008

Even though a lot of these testimonials mention me specifically, I cannot take all the credit as Cobourg Tae Kwon Do wouldn’t be what it is without the help of Master Joyce Farrell, Master Gayle Richards, Sir Richard Bernier, Jeff Morrow, and the rest of the Black Belts and students who helped us along the way. Thanks

Master Jonathan Field


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