Black Belts and Future Black Belts in our Community

Hello Everyone

I just thought I would let you know what some of our Black belts and future Black Belts are doing in our community. You see, students who are grading for various levels of Black Belt in June at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do  have to come up with and complete a community based project that will help our community in a positive non profit way. The reason for this is to instil the morals and values of helping others in need and to be kind to everyone into our students. Way too many times you see martial arts schools that are all about acting tough and thinking that fighting all the time is a good thing. Martial Arts has grown into a place that teaches morals, ethics, discipline, and etc,. Learning to fight, defend yourself, and being in shape are all by products of the training but aren’t the only reason why you should do them. Training should cover the mental, the physical, and the spiritual of the person. To become whole with ones’ self.

Anyway I thought I would highlight just a few of the things some of my students have done.

Ismael Ndiaye who is going for his second degree Black Belt in June volunteered his time at the Cobourg Public Library during his march Break vacation. He did the following.

– movie program (before the movie started Ismael was responsible of checking people at the door and making sure the people were signed up).  While the movie was playing Ismael was responsible of helping out passing the lunch and then the snacks to the kids.  (did 2.5hrs for that program).

-craft program.  One called leaping leprechauns, one called collage art and another one called starry night painting.  Each program was about 2.5hrs each.   Ismael was again responsible to check people in.  Help set up the tables before each craft program and after the craft was done to clean-up.   Had to help younger children with their arts and handing out supplies for the crafts.

-the friday Ismael helped out with the customer appreciation day and had to give cake and juice to everybody coming in the library on that day (of course with the help of the program director.)  Again he did about 2hrs at the door.

Another project that is currently being done is the Relay for Life Cobourg Tae Kwon Do Team. Team Captain Jeff Morrow who is grading for his 2nd Degree Black Belt, Reilly Huffman who is grading for his 1st degree Black Belt, and Ryan Donnelly grading for his Black Belt are organizing the team and collecting money for cancer research. Other students and instructors have also join the team to help collect money and volunteer their time at the Relay for Life being held on June 4th at St. mary’s High School. We have a donation can at the dojang if you would like to donate some spare changed. It would be highly appreciated.

One more example for today is Ethan Hoekstra who is going for his Black Belt in June. Ethan went out on February 28th and did some canvassing door to door on Huyke Street in Cobourg. He was able to collect $50 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. He did this to help out Sara Meaney who could not do it this year.

More updates to what the rest of the students grading and what their projects are will come soon.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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