Best Black Belt Poster Ever

Hello Everyone

Today I wanted to share with you a picture of the best Black Belt Poster I have ever seen up to this point. The poster was drawn by Jeff Morrow who will be grading for his 2nd Dan Black Belt on June 19th here at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do. Jeff has such a talent for drawing. I wish I had 1/100th of his drawing talent. Jeff has already done two posters previously for his first two black belts. He did an amazing job on them too. His first one he drew a martial arts character for each belt level achieved and described how he was feeling at that point in his Taekwondo training. His second poster had him draw the evolution of man from ape. He species had a different colour belt on to show how as martial artists we evolve for the years.

Below is the third poster for his 2nd Dan Black Belt. It signifies that only the strong make it this after. Jeff is truly dedicated to what he does. But what makes his posters so good is the passion that lies behind it. He actually enjoys making them. Jeff is not the type of person to half ass anything. I think everyone just follow his lead. He takes his training and grading processes seriously. So enjoy the picture of the poster and come on in and see the real thing in person.

Master Jonathan Field

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