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Here I posted a video of some of the stuff my Master’s students did during their Black Belt Ceremony held this past Saturday in Toronto. Grandmaster Veronica DeSantos does a wonderful job with her students. I am proud to call her Master. What she tells me to do, I listen. In the video I have a little thai Boxing, some kicks, board breaking, and some of the students receiving their new belts. Wished we filmed more but this is a nice little sample of what her students can do.

Also when I was up there at the ceremony, they mentioned me as their special guest Master for the evening. Near the end of the ceremony her students presented her with a gift of gratitude for all she has done for them. The gift was 250lbs of Kettlebells supplied by Wolverine Kettlebells which is my own brand of kettlebells. It is a yearly tradition for the students who graded for various degrees of Black Belt to buy veronica a gift. It is not expected but truly appreciate as this lady works very hard.

Enjoy the video.

Master Jonathan Field


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