Some Quotes from Black Belt Grading 2010

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Here’s just a few quotes of what some of the students had to say about their experiences at the 10 hour Black Belt grading held on June 19th.

Grading is very difficult but so rewarding. I feel that black belt grading is like spending time with family that you don’t see often. I really enjoy spending the time with everyone, encouraging each other to do their best, supporting the whole group. I’ll never forget Black Belt grading.” Reilly Huffman, 1st Degree Black Belt

“I think that black belt grading wasn’t all that bad because Ian and Shawn came and I really liked Ian’s nunchuck class.  We also got to have lots of water breaks and lunch.  I think the hardest thing was the time with Shawn.   I am very happy that I got my black belt because there’s not very many people that have black belts.” Ethan Hoekstra. Black Belt

“To me the Black Belt Grading was a great experience for me. It was the hardest test of my physical strength and mental strength I have ever had to face. I’m glad that I have achieved the rank of Black Belt. It was one of my many desires in life when I was younger and I’m looking forward to continuing in my martial arts training.” Ryan Donnelly. Black Belt

“My experience this year for black belt grading was again very tough but at the same time it was very fun to do all those different activities and exercises.  My favorite part of the grading is the musical patterns.  It’s fun do them but it’s also really nice to see everybody else’s patterns.  Overall we all worked very hard and glad we all made it together!.” Ismael Ndiaye. 2nd Degree Black Belt

“My body is hurting all over. This has been one of the most physically demanding experiences of my life. I learned a few things about me and a lot about the strength, commitment, and generosity of the students testing with me as well as the instructors testing us. The pain will pass, but this experience will be with me forever. Thank you everyone and congratulations!” Fatima Pacon. Black Belt

“Black Belt grading wasn’t easy, but wasn’t so hard that we couldn’t get through it together. We were a team. If somebody was having trouble finishing we would cheer them on and clap. Even though some parts of the grading were easier than others, we still treated them as if they were what we were depending on to pass the grading. ” Mikaela Lavoy. Black Belt

As I get more in I will be sure to post them for you all to read. Hope you enjoyed this batch.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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