US OPEN final prep

Hey Everyone

Just thought I would write a short blog before Team Wolverine heads to the US OPEN and ISKA World Championships this weekend.

Just in case you didn’t know who is on Team Wolverine this year, here is the list. Master Jonathan Field in the US OPEN and ISKA Worlds, Master Joyce Farrell in the US OPEN, Master Gayle Richards in the US OPEN. Charlotte Kerr in the US OPEN, Ismael Ndiaye in the US OPEN, Mikaela Lavoy in the US OPEN, Selena O’Reilly in the US OPEN, and Scott Allen in the US OPEN. We all are doing various breaking events as well as a few are doing patterns and weapon events. We also have Joanne Hall as our board holder. Plus all the parents and friends who are supporting us. We appreciate your support.

Today has been quite busy doing last minute preps to go tomorrow. I have taught morning classes and did some meditation. I have did web check in for the flight. Check some PDF files for a project. I have also packed my luggage and made sure I had everything I need for the next 4 days. I have also took the dog for a walk and will do so again tonight before I go to bed and one last time in the morning before the limo picks us up at 5am. The team seems all ready to go.

Today has been going pretty good even though it is busy. I have got my Walk the Line CD I ordered in the mail(which I am listening to right now), got a GST rebate cheque, again seating for the flight is good, got my t-shirt order in, had good classes. Meditiation was awesome this morning. Had lots of people wish us luck for this weekend. I am super focus right now.

I will be unavailable until Monday morning but if you need any assistance please call 905-373-0032 and Richard will be happy to help you. I will post vids, pics, and results when I get back.

See you all in a few days.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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