Summer Day Camp/Mini Breaking Demo Video

Hello Everyone

Just wanted to post that our Taekwondo Summer Day Camp went very well this week. Myself and 3 volunteers kept our campers busy and happy. We did tons of kicking drills, combination drills, patterns, weapons, rolls, stunt falling, stunt acting, sparring, self defense, and board breaking. It was a lot of fun for everyone involved. Thanks to all my volunteers for making this week enjoyable for our campers.

To end the week I did a mini 3 break breaking demo outside in the parking lot and we caught it on video. The breaks involved using a bed of nails and some fire so I gave our campers a good talking to about not playing with matches, a lighter, or fire of any kind. I also talked about how dangerous the breaks I was going to do are AND HOW THEY SHOW NOT TRY IT THEMSELVES. They know the different between right and wrong and what is safe for them and what is not. I told them I am a trained professional and there is still risks involved but I am an adult and can make up my own mind about my personal safety. The breaks in the following video are pretty safe once you are trained to do them but children should not do them. Trained adults only.

Hope you enjoyed!

Master Jonathan Field

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