Working Out with Girls/2nd Week of Training/Kindness Challenge

Hello Everyone

Well this is my second blog of the week. Trying to make up for lost time for the lack of blogging over the past few weeks. First thing I want to mention is that I am in my second week of physical training for my 5th Dan Black Belt Belt in Taekwondo with Grandmaster Veronica DeSantos in May 2011. I am always training hard anyway but now I have to up it to get into supper supper shape. It’s going well. A few adjustments here and there will be made along the way to adjust how I am feeling and how my body feels. Also Master Joyce Farrell will be grading for her 5th Dan Black Belt as well. ¬†And Sir Richard Bernier will be grading for his 4th Dan Black Belt making him a Master of Taekwondo as well. Master Gayle Richards will be grading in May 2012 for her 5th Dan Black Belt.

Okay second thing I want to mention is our 10,000 acts of courtesy and kindness challenge. Go to and post your acts of courtesy on the bottom of the page. I feel it is very important for everyone to be more kind to everyone in this world. My goal is to get 10,000 acts posted before May 2011. Please help me achieve this goal. Please forward this challenge to everyone you know. I want to spread the world to as many people as I can. Thanks in advance.

Third thing I want to mention is my new video I uploaded to youtube yesterday on Working out with girls.

More good things are coming. So stay posted.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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