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Hello Everyone

Well two weeks today I will be down in Abilene Texas training with Master Chip Townsend at his school. This will be a great learning experience for myself and our great school. I will come back with lots of new and fresh ideas. I will be gone for a week. While I am gone, classes will run as normal. I have booked 10 or so instructors to teach the various classes. So it will be a good week of variety at the dojang. It’s been over 8 years since I have had a vacation since I bought Cobourg Tae Kwon Do back in May 2003. So this trip will be refreshing to me. All the instructors have been super supportive to me over the years and were very supportive of me wanting to get away for a week. Thanks!!!

Also the week that I am gone the parking lot is going to be repaved. This means that the parking might be a little screwed up for a few days. You can still park in the parking lot when their is just gravel and dirt there. When they are working on it, you will have to park in the surrounding area parking lots. All the classes will run as normally scheduled. So please do attend and don’t be alarmed if you can’t get in the parking lot. You can still come along the south side of the building and enter our dojang. After a few days we’ll have a fresh new parking lot versus the crappy one we have now. So that will be cool. Hopefully no more puddles or small ponds as I like to call them.

Another thing if you have noticed, I have been handing out DVD’s at gradings now that have the next Belt level required techniques on it. They have been getting really great reviews. If you would like to buy past ones for the belts you have already earned, I will be selling them for $15 each for colour belt requirements or $100 for all eight DVD’s up to Black Belt. What is really cool about these DVD’s is that you can watch your pattern in two different angles. You can also just the one technique you want to learn with all the menus and submenus on the DVD. Cool music too. I’ll be working on the Black Belt DVD’s soon as well as other DVD’s on the various aspects of Taekwondo, Martial Arts, and Fitness. So stay tuned for that.

Last thing is I am now into week 4 of my training for my 5th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. I am really enjoying the training. I always train anyway but training for an extra big purpose makes it easier to train. Motivation is a key component to success. I look forward to grading in May 2011. Grandmaster Veronica DeSantos has to have the hardest grading in Canada. 40 Hours of grading, 3 hour Black Belt show, 9 months to 1 year of extra training, team building weekend, various challenges, specific books to read, and so much more. If someone tells me that is too much, I’ll say Yes it is too much for you, but not me. I don’t think anything is too much to be living your dreams.

Well I am off for now. catcha later.

Master Jonathan Field

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