A Challenge

Hello Everyone

Okay so once again I invite everyone to take part in my 10,000 random acts of courtesy, kindness, and compassion challenge. Basically I would like everyone to post your acts of courtesy on this page http://masterjonathanfield.com/10000-acts-of-courtesy-kindness-and-compassion/ You will find the instructions on how to do so at the link above.

My goal is to get more and more people doing nice things for others all the time. At first it may seem like you are just showing off by recording all the nice things you did. However that is not the case. One reason to record them on my blog is to inspire others to do more random acts of courtesy. Another reason is to show yourself what type of person you are. A third reason would be to reprogram yourself to do more good deeds if you are not already doing so and recording them makes you more accountable for your actions.

My black belts who have graded over the past few years have had to do over 100 random acts of courtesy and kindness and record them into their black belt grading books. This year they also had to make up and do a community base project of some sort to benefit the community in a non profit way. Example would be collecting money for charity, volunteering at community centers, taking part in the Relay for Life, and things along that line. This is all ways to teach them to be more compassionate towards their fellow human beings.

It’s funny that I only have had one student who thought they should not have to do the 100 acts of courtesy or kindness as they thought that we all should being doing that anyway. Good point however that same person wasn’t doing these acts of kindness already. And some people out there only do good things to make themselves feel better or make themselves look good. You should only be doing good deeds for others to make their lives a little easier and in return make the world a little better and friendlier.

So once again my goal by having everyone record their good deeds on my blog is to inspire more and more people to be kind and spread the good nature that is in side of us all. Let’s work together on this.

Thanks in advance,

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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