Last day in Canada before Texas

Hello Everyone

Well today is my last day in Canada before I go to Abilene Texas for a week to Visit and train with Master Chip Townsend. In case you don’t know who Chip is. He is a 14 Time ISKA World Breaking Champion. I will spend the week training with him, taking classes, observing classes, learning new things, and just plain relaxing from all the office work. Keep checking your emails daily as you may be getting emails from me posting my blogs on what is going on down in Texas.

I’ve been busy all day making sure I have everything packed. Packed yesterday but double checking today. I have my office ready for the instructors to use when I am gone. Yes my office is actually clean. I have also already done 410 push ups, 410 sit ups, and 410 kettlebell swings with a 40lbs kettlebell. I plan on doing some more plus some skipping a little later. I am even thinking about working out at the airport. I’ll let everyone know if I do.

You will notice that when you come to classes this week that the parking lot will be getting repaved. It definitely needed it. Bad timing though as I am away. Oh well. But don’t you worry. We are still open for classes. Nothing will stop us from having classes. So I hope the instructors that are covering for me give you exciting and educational classes. I know it will be a great week for everyone.

Another piece of good news is one of our students, laura Fetterley who is a local artist just won an award this week at the Cabbage town Arts and Craft Show in Toronto for having good work. You can check out some of her stuff at

Also don’t forget about our courtesy challenge. Post your random acts of courtesy and kindness on the challenge’s page on this site. Thanks!

Well I think that is all for today. My flight leaves Tuesday morning at 6:50am. Oh Yeah! But I am teaching classes tonight so be afraid, very afraid! 🙂

See everyone in a week. Have great classes with the other instructors.

Master Jonathan Field

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