Sitting at the Toronto Airport

Good Morning Everyone

I am sitting at the Toronto Airport awaiting to be boarded on my first flight to Dallas. I got up this morning at 1am. I ate, showered, shaved, dressed and left the house by 1:30am. I went and got coffee from Tim Horton’s. Made it to the Airport shortly after 3am. Was third in line to check in. Went through security and customs at 4:30am. And I didn’t get checked this time. Oh Yeah! I jump roped for 15 minutes at 5am at my gate. There is no excuses for not getting a workout in no matter where you are. Nice little warm up for the day. I also have checked all my emails, facebooked, and now writing this blog.

More Blogs will be coming throughout the day and week. I will keep everyone posted on all the cool stuff going on.

Catcha Later

Master Jonathan Field

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