Day 2 in Abilene Texas with Master Chip

Hello everyone

Well i survived day 2 with Chip at Team Chip taekwondo Centers. Started the day with breakfast and a shower. Got dressed in my dobuk and did the 7:30am adult taekwondo class for a hour with Chip as the Instructor. He practiced lots of basics, patterns, blocks, kicking, and one step sparring.

Then after a bit Chip and I worked on my patterns, kicking, and some one step sparring. Cleaning up small details that most people would never notice. He gave me lots of tips on training and techniques. Very much appreciated. One should never think they are perfect or cannot improve. There is always room to improve yourself.

After that Chip and i went to a local junior high and chip did a Junior Achiever class with 21 students.  They worked on team building and communication skills.

Then I observed some Taekwondo children classes before taking a hour and a half Adult taekwondo class. We worked on basics, forms, and kicks. Met some nice people. Very good classes.

I am just chilling right now writing this blog. I have lots of fun stuff to bring back. 🙂

master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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  1. Luv hearing from you. The most interesting thing you have said is the fact that Chip showed you some things. I guess even you can always learn. I figured there wasn’t anything you didn’t know but looks like the quest for knowledge is neverending which is a very good thing!

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