First Day with Chip in Abilene

Hello Everyone

Well I finally made it to Abilene at 1:15pm on Tuesday Sept 14. Chip and his wife GlynAnn picked me up from the airport and took me to their place. I got to sit in on a team chip school meeting and got to put in my input a little. That was kinda cool.  Then I unpacked upstairs in their house. Very nice accomadtions. Next i watched some lil’ dragon classes and kids classes. I was introduced to the different classes various times. I took the Hapkido class. We warmed up, did some basic grappling, hand strikes, some mma sparring, and then some wrist lock self defense. I got to spar with Master Chip. That was intersting. I’ll tell you all when I get back to Canada. I have to have some stories to tell.

After that I watched some more classes and observed everything that was going on.  Trying to retain as much as possible to bring back to our school. We ate at around 9:30pm after going to the grocery store. I am very tired at this point as I have been up for like 22 hours straight. Remember they are one hour behind us so I gained an extra hour in the day. Oh joy!

Well I got a taekwondo class coming up soon so I better go.  More blogs to come soon.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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