Day 3 of training with Chip in Abilene Texas

Hello Everyone

Well I started out my day by getting up at 5am with a wakeup call from Chip. I did their MMA Boot Camp this morning at 5:15am. We did a hour tire workout with small and extremely large tires. It was a fun workout. Messy from the rubber of the tires. Oh well. Good workout though. I’ve never done that before.

I then took a shower, ate breakfast and relaxed a little. Then Chip and I ran some errands. I then did 35 minutes of skipping, 210 push ups, 210 sit ups, Taeqeuk 1 to Sipjin. worked on cleaning up some of my techniques. Then I heped Chip load the trailer for the Taekwondo Campout this weekend. We went shopping after that for some supplies for this weekend.

I took another Hapkido class at 5:30pm. We worked a lot of wrists grabs defenses, lapel defenses, sleeve defenses, belt defenses and etc,. Learn some new techniques, learn variations of some of the ones I know, and simply cleaned up a few things. I then walked a bit of the demo team practice and a little bit of the free women’s self defense class. Hellped out with a few things during that class.

We are off to Horde Lake tomorrow until Sunday for the Taekwondo Campout. There should be around 100 people attending or so. Show learn some new things to bring back to the dojang from that. I have lots to new stuff to go through and see what fits at our dojang back home ein cobourg Ontario Canada.

Well bye for now. time to relax a little.

Master Jonathan field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time Jonathan, I am sure it will take you a few days to organize all your thoughts from this trip. Look forward to learning from your experience with Chip, Glyn Ann and their instructors, from what I have seen at the tournaments and meeting them they are great role models. Enjoy your weekend camp. See you when you get home.

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