What kids think/Word of the Weeks/Kicks for Candy

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Well I didn’t get to write my second blog of the week last week. Things have been so busy around here. It is just plan awesome! Anyway I got a few topics to discuss here today.

First up is the word of the week for last week. It was Integrity. Integrity is basically knowing the difference between right and wrong and choosing to do the right thing regardless of the outcome for you. We need to practice integrity in everything we do all the time. Too many people ignore this. I do my best to live with integrity and to pass it on to others as best I can.

Second topic up for today is this week’s word of the week. It is Health. I simply asked the students last night to tell me how you can live a healthy lifestyle or how to be in good health. I got some of the following answers.

– Exercise, Get in shape, Be Active, Do Sports, Do Taekwondo

– Eat good foods, Eat Healthy foods, Don’t eat junk food, They don’t need all the candy they get for Halloween

The students are very smart. They know what the right things to do to keep healthy. This leads us to the third topic of the day.


Date: Monday November 1     Time: 10am to 11am and 5pm to 7pm

Where: Cobourg Tae Kwon Do   271 Spring Street Cobourg    905-373-0032

What: Current students who bring their Halloween candy will receive 15 minutes of free private lessons for every pound of candy. Maximum 6lbs per person or household. New students receive one free week of lessons per pound of candy. 6lbs Maximum. All candy collected will be donated to charity. Also collecting food donations for the food banks. Help fight childhood and adult obesity with good health and fitness.

We tried this last year and it went good but we really want to make it a big deal this year. Help us make this work.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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  1. Good luck guys! We are super excited about our Kicks for Candy on Monday too! Can’t wait to hear how much we bring in!

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