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Hello Everyone

Well here is the first blog of November. I got a few things I want to discuss so let’s get right to it.

First on the list, Boys Night Out at the Salvation Army. On Friday Night(October 29th) Richard, Mikaela, and I volunteered and taught a 2 hour Taekwondo class toe a group of boys at the Salvation Army. Richard led the warm up followed by stretching with Mikaela. I led the punching, blocking, and kicking portion of the class. Then Richard led the one step sparring part. We finished with me leading the self defense portion of the evening. The night was ended with the youth Pastor talking a little bit about being a good Christian. Interesting stuff. It was a good group of young boys who were eager to learn. Everyone at the Salvation Army treated us very well.

Second on the list is grading night we just had on Friday October 29th. I conducted the lil’ dragons grading. It went fantastically. Master Joyce and Master Gayle conducted the Taekwondo grading after that as I had to go teach at the Salvation Army. This was the first grading I have missed since I bought Cobourg Tae Kwon Do over 7 years ago. I heard the grading went very well and the students really stepped up their performances. Well done everyone.

Third on the list for today’s blog is Kicks for Candy. Today, November 1st from 5pm to 7pm or a little later we are hosting Kicks for Candy here at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do. Any current student who donates their candy will receive 15 minutes of private lessons with me, Master Jonathan. Maximum 6 pounds per person or household. For any new students who bring in their candy they will receive one free week of lessons for every pound of candy they bring it. Maximum 6 pounds per person or household. All the candy collected will be donated to charity. Also at the same time we are collecting food donations for the food banks. We already have had someone donate some soup mixes anonymously.  Thank you who ever you are. We greatly appreciate your generosity.

I hope to see everyone tonight with their food and candy donations. Let’s help out the less fortunate and fight childhood and adult obesity all at the same time.

Master Jonathan Field

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