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Got a few important things to discuss here. So let’s get right to it shall we??!

First on the list is Positive Thinking. I’ll keep this brief. First it was last week’s word of the week. Positive Thinking is simply looking at the bright side of any situation. Being positive about everything no matter how bad or negative something might seem at the moment. I know it is hard to do that as we all struggle with it. But think of it this way. Every time you are in a bad mood, doesn’t it seem like something awful happens. And when you are in a good mood, things seem to go your way. It’s that interesting? I have been trying super hard the past few weeks to think more positive and I have seen and felt the difference that it has made. So give it a try.

Okay second on the list is Black Belt Integrity. I asked people on face book to write down what they thought Black Belt Integrity was and here are some of the answers I got.

“A journey that comes full circle. You start as a white belt and get a black belt. Over time, the ends of the belt become frayed showing white again, signifying the beginning of a new journey.”

“I agree that it’s a journey that comes full circle. However, I have the most difficulty with black belts that have a bad attitude and big ego…..those are the ones that will never start the new journey and will have forgotten what it takes to be a black belt. A black belt must always remember the principles of black belt and live by them…..for me, the two most important ones are modesty and integrity! Just my thoughts………”

“Each of the standard virtues Integrity, Modesty, Self-Control, etc really deserve a couple of pages each and have been covered elsewhere so I’ll just propose a slightly different additional slant. You don’t get a Black Belt to the BMOC (Big… Man on Campus). You get a Black Belt to serve. By teaching. By being willing to learn. By encouraging. By being positive. By expecting the best in people so they have something to aim for and accepting that they may not always achieve it. But, the biggie, by being an example. A mailman is only a mailman when he’s delivering mail. A salesman is only a saleman when he’s selling stuff. But a Black Belt is a Black Belt 24/7. It’s up to you do the right thing whether it’s convenient or not. You’re there to lead the crowd, not be a part of the crowd. If you’re a kid, it probably means not being ‘cool’ a lot of the time, if cool means doing a whole bunch of stuff just to be popular. It means taking care of people. It can mean anything from defending the weak from a bully to organizing your class/grade/school into a place where bullying is not tolerated. It’s no easy or simple or painless thing. And lastly, at least for now, it means constantly trying to be your best and trying to improve what that ‘best’ is. And it means, for you personally, trying and failing and getting up to try again. That is the path you choose when you decide to become a Black Belt. Are you sure you really want it? ;)”

I also asked my students what words they thought represented Black Belt Integrity and this is what they came up with. RESPECT, HONESTY, SELF CONTROL, LOYALTY, PERSEVERANCE, COURAGE, COURTESY, INTEGRITY, POSITIVE THINKING, EFFORT, PEACEFUL, POWER, CHALLENGE, WISDOM, PATIENCE, ENERGY, COMMITMENT, EGOLESS (I know it’s not a word), COMPASSION, MODESTY.

I Also asked them if it was okay for a Black Belt to take the easy way out. Here’s what they said.

“Never!   Absolutely not!!    No way!!!   No way!   noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Now when we talk about Black Belt Integrity we do not mean actual Black Belts. I think this can go for everyone. Living life with respect and all that other jazz is very important to everyone. Keep that in mind.

Third thing on the list is this. One of my friend’s friend is doing a meditation challenge and is blogging it at http://luv2write.blog.ca/  Check it out and see if that interests you. I meditate pretty much every day for 10 to 20 minutes depending. It is really good for you. My friend is a talented artist. Check out her stuff at


Fourth on the list is my 10,000 courtesy challenge. Check it out on this site and join me.

Okay last thing for today. We are hosting a free woman’s Self Defense clinic at Cobourg Tae Kwon Do on Thursday December 2nd at 7pm to 8pm. Space is limited so please message me back right away if you are interested. 4 spaces already filled.

Okay, take care

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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