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Well today’s blog is on AWESOME!!!!  Better yet it is on what happened last night during the second children’s taekwondo class. We were working their Taeqeuk Patterns and they were doing pretty well but a few were lagging a bit. So I did several little mini mat chats after each pattern about how to do an awesome. Not only froma  technical stand point but from an attitude stand point. You see, anyone can do anything anyone else can do. We all have the same human body and mind to the most degree. Yes were do have little differences but nothing so major that it cannot be overcome with the proper mental attitude. Anyway I was able to get the Black Belts to perform at a much higher level and the colours belts were right behind them pushing the envelope.

The real key to doing anything better or being totally AWESOME is simply to have the right frame of mind, the knowledge to do so, and the desire to do it. I often hear students say that I, Master Jonathan can do something simply because I am me. And I tell them that is not true. They can do the same things that I can do if they only choose to do them and apply the proper attitude and mind set to do so.  But anyway the patterns performed at the end of class were Awesome. And all because they chose to make them awesome.

Here’s a nice video from youtube on people doing AMAZING and AWESOME things because they simply chose to do AWESOME  things.

Master Jonathan Field

Cobourg Tae Kwon Do

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